Tuesday 27 March 2012

Part 5


Vorel entered the room and found her curled up asleep and still naked, what was left of her clothes lay scattered around the room. He tried to enter her mind but found it blocked, confused he tried again and still it remained locked to him. Mortals were not normally difficult to read, their minds were filled with so much stuff, nonsense it could be difficult to get what you wanted, but this, this was not normal he should be able to pick up something. “Good evening” his voice was low and husky as he studied her delectable curves. The girl moaned then realising where she was bolted from her bed her arms trying to cover herself.

Placing a night gown on the bed Vorel smiled “You must be hungry, I will have some food sent to you but first you must give me a name” Grabbing the night dress she quickly covered herself much to the amusement of her captor but she still refused to answer his question. Vorel gave a small bow “No name no food” he warned. “I am Vorel, Helmer of Drayad” She stared at him nervously “I guess you intend to……” He gave a low growl “Of course but I will let you eat first” Ella turned away, that was big of him and she was starving.

“Ella, my name is Ella”

Pulling up a chair he sat with his feet resting on the bed “How old are you?” Ella didn’t answer. “What about parents, brothers, sisters?” Again she didn’t answer “And why does a small pretty thing like you carry a knife, stab one of my men?” She was telling him nothing “It seemed a good idea” Vorel leaned back in his seat and laughed. Ella shook her head in disbelief “Why are you keeping me here?” He shrugged “You interest me” again he tried to read her but the door remained firmly locked, this infuriated him but at the same time intrigued him.

Savan called for his attention elsewhere “I will be back shortly” he remarked seductively as he locked the door behind him. In the hall he was met by Kothar who explained that the Helmer of Vaxur had reported what he had seen and as well as the others had concerns over his actions. “And what the hell has it got to do with them?” Vorel grated. “There is talk of Boaz turning against us, attacking” Vorel scoffed “Go to war over mortals, I very much doubt it” Boaz and Grigor keep to themselves and as for Vaxur, Cailean would not want war, that one ruled as if his heart still beat.

Kothar told him that Bakarne was waiting in the hall for him as requested and the two men followed their Helmer downstairs. “So Bakarne you were in charge and fucked up” Bakarne bowed nervously “I am sorry my Lord, it won’t happen again” Vorel laughed “Now you know why our Guests must be searched thoroughly but you are right it won’t happen again” Grabbing the man by the throat he twisted his neck.

With Bakarne drained he threw the body across the hall and turned to the others “Get rid of that.”


 Zarina agreed to stay, why? She should head for the hills but where too besides to leave when they so desperately needed help - did her oath cover Vampires? Showing her the castle he pointed out the kitchen, rustic but well stocked, the library which had a good selection of books “You may find something here of help.” he smiled. In the hall he pointed to the far end “The castle is open to you but please do not enter that room.” Upstairs he showed her where she could wash and pointed out the other rooms Zarina nodded her thoughts of the narrow passageway, was that were they slept? “The sun will be up soon, if you need anything just ask Nalia” Cailean bowed.

Opening the door she found his brother still sitting, watching the blue woman. Going to her patient she felt her skin, it was cooler not as it should be but her temperature was defiantly going down. “Don’t you need to, err, you know?” Lykaios glared at her then looked at Kelsa, reluctantly he stood and left. With a sigh Zarina sat in his chair, that one scared the crap out of her. Sure the girl was resting she headed down to the library, scanning the books she found one on plants, it had been a long time since she had worked with such things, book in hand she headed back to the patients room.

Nalia appeared some time later with food “You’re not a Vampire?” Nalia shook her head “No I am Fae” offering the old woman a seat she asked what Fae was? The old woman told her of her people and showed her ears; Zarina gasped, they were like her own. Should she say something, like what? Dad had always told her to keep them secret, that was why she had her hair long and always tied it in such a way that they wouldn’t be noticed. Only her closest friends knew and it was the main reason she was studying medicine, hoping that one day she would find the reason to her deformity. “Are you alright dear?” Nalia asked noticing how quiet she had become. “Yes, just a little tired, I think I’ll see to Kelsa then go for a lie down”

Nalia patted her arm “You do that, I’ll bring your meal to your room” she offered, Zarina smiled and nodded weakly “Thank you” The old woman left. Zarina tried to get to grips with what she had been told, tried to come to a logical reason as to why? She had always been told her ears were a defect, something gone wrong before her birth. She rubbed her head “Okay, think Zarina, you are mortal you cannot have ears like them. Mortal” Boy did she wish her dad was alive, he would have explained, straightened everything out.

Lykaios joined his brother in the hall. “What is the word” he asked. Cailean stared glumly into space “It is not good” he turned to Lykaios “Boaz is shouting about Drayad’s behaviour, they threaten war”

“Damn that man!” Lykaios growled “What do we do?” he was surprised by the answer. “Nothing, we wait and listen – for now” “And if they do attack Drayad?” Cailean sighed “Then on Vorel’s head be it”

Part 4                                                        Part 6....soon.

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