In the Jajij Realm, on the sores of the Orholt Sea lays Faymoor, a small village with simple ways and a simple life. Farming and fishing is its survival. Tiny houses with brightly coloured walls make it an easy place to spot from a distance. The people are warm and friendly with never a bad word to say to anyone. It sounds idyllic and it is but the locals are not human, they are Fae. These magical folk look after the earth and protect it from whatever threatens its existence. They keep away from the ‘normal’ life of mortals and what it can bring.

The Fae are not fairies or Elves, although if you were to say they were in between they would not thank you for it. Fairies are tiny winged magical creatures that show themselves at night while Elves are like humans (except for their ears) they also live as one with the earth but unlike fairies they have no magic. The Fae have magic but don’t use it often, to them it is the last resort and only to be used for the good of others. They prefer to live quietly and honestly. But sometimes things happen that can shatter the peace......

                                                                  Existence part 1


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